Two simple steps to create an Influencer Marketing campaign


We analyze and create a hub of Influencer Marketing campaigns from the most popular social networks around the world.

Winky Axe’s hub includes commercial campaigns for more than five hundred categories of products and services. At your service is a convenient search engine that will help you find the campaign you are interested in, in a matter of minutes.

In addition to the basic search, you can use a convenient Wizard that will help you better navigate your goals for market analysis. Axe is an indispensable tool not only for analyzing competitors, but also for creating your own Influencer Marketing successful campaigns.


Axe is a simple and accessible analytics, understandable for both a professional and anyone interested in this topic.

By opening the Winky AXE report, you can easily assess the success of any campaign. Each campaign has its own rating and quality score. The quality of a campaign is determined by several main parameters, such as: the ratio of the cost of the campaign and the engagement of the target audience as a result, the growth of followers for the advertised brand and the quality of the new audience.

You can assess the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign you are interested in at a glance, which will help you quickly and efficiently analyze the market segment you are interested in.


Any thing is better known by comparison. We help you identify market patterns by providing you with extensive benchmarking tools.

Winky Axe provides you with a wide range of parameters for comparing several competing brands. You can easily compare such parameters as: audience growth, reach of the target group and the degree of its involvement, compare the cost of campaigns with similar targeting and goals, etc.

But the possibilities of Winky Axe’s comparative analysis are not limited to this, you can compare several campaigns in full, using the appropriate tool.


Find out the real contribution of an influencer to a particular advertising campaign, the whole result is in front of you, so that you can appreciate it.

The effectiveness of an influencer is one of the key parameters of an Influencer Marketing, a beautiful picture and a large number of followers can mislead even an experienced marketer. It takes a lot of effort and time to find the right influencers for the needs of a particular brand.

Using Winky Axe, you can see the real results brought by influencers in real campaigns, you can compare them and draw the right conclusions to launch your own campaign with the lowest risk.


Listen what they say!

“I like Winky’s solution as it accelerates the way we build influencer marketing campaigns, by giving access to former successful strategies. Using a smart algorithm and a slick platform, they are helping marketers to excel!”

Tamir Israely / Founder of Peer to Peer